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A small white haired woman walked across the frozen show towards Kakurine. Smiling Kakurine said, "Have you come to play with me?"

With a soft steady voice she replied, "Your winter is a does not belong here." With a giggle Kakurine appeared next to her and said, "But I like in this world, and I bring my winter for a greater purpose." Tilting her head slightly Kakurine said, "Lets play." Then phased out and reappeared a little further away.

With a small bow the white haired woman said, "If I must but I ask you to tell me first what is it you seek here?" Kakurine paused for a moment with a giggle she said, "Beings like you and I can not completely cast aside the know that, I'm sure. There are pieces of that past I must have.... I was mistaken once, but no more. Once I have them all she can love me again...."

With that Kakurine lets loose waves of energy towards the woman. She dodges them fluidly like water moving around down a stream. Several more tosses of energy in the form of glowing bands shot out from Kakurine as she attempts to land an attack on the woman. In return the woman summons up a wave of ice spikes that harmlessly wash around Kakurine. In a moment of shock of her attack being ineffective she pauses for a moment. Kakurine phases in behind her saying, "Got you." With a giggle she grabs the woman and phases phases straight up with her and drops her.

With a quick phase Kakurine reappears down below and watchs the woman fall onto the ground of broken ice. " that it," asks Kakurine. "I had hoped to have more fun with you." The small white haired woman lays on the ground of ice and snow looking up at Kakurine as she rasps out through wracks of pain, "Your winter is a does not belong here." As the snow behind her begins to a deep red color.

Kakurine frowns with a deeper voice not very childlike says, "You didn’t
completely cast aside your past, did you? I will find it and she will love me again." With that Kakurine began to float away into the sky and look around. Below her another small woman appeared nearby with black clothes and long black hair. She immediately ran forward to the other woman screaming, "Yuki!"

Kakurine thought to herself she'll be no fun either and phased away.
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