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Something I want to try out for wednesday game.

Mostly for G.

I was hunting around for some software to maybe make some basic maps so that I could possible show G...if I planned far enough in advance <.<

In the process I did find a useful software. That actually steps up a bit more, and manages to do something I wanted to do from the begining.

It is a Java based program so you do need to run a Java client. Which is quick and painless.

The actual program is fairly small little java program.

The major advantage to this is not only can I make maps if I plan far enough in advance. I can make a defualt 'field' and place tokens on it. That anyone who is logged into host (GM) game can instantely see as well as move a character token as you would a mini for a D&D combat scene.

It might take a little minor setting at my end to open the server port. Though it could make explaining and showing combat scenes to anyone on the internet :D
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That's is so very cool. It is now on my computer. Hopefully, I can make it to game this coming Wednesday, but I wouldn't count on it. Either way, I've got this program and will make some time to look it over so I have some idea of how to use it. It looks really sweet and very useful. Good thinking.