delm (delm) wrote in taraleebarker,

Well, I reset the router and redid all my port forwarding binding agai. So the map program should hopefully work for G again. I have a feeling... that we are going to need it this week.

For some reason I don't think you guys are getting out of this one without some major combat :P

When I was working on the current afraid...I cracked open the 'book of vile darkness' for some suggestions.

Instead I think I found a check list of the current party....

Evil Acts:
Lying - 'misdirection, trick, and maniuplation'
Cheating - 'breaking the rules for personal gain'
Theft - 'best way to aquire what they want. needs no reason to steal'
Using others for personal gain....
Bringing despair....
Tempting others....

Sounds like the party..or some people in it hmmm.
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