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Since William doesn't want to pop into the other board..shun shun...

So here is whats been posted so far:

An introduction by the game company. Much good information on their site:

Game Background:
Each character has their own reasons for adventuring, but each of them has on agreed to sign up as part of the crew of ship headed into the southern islands. Each character either together or on their own has agreed to work for the full trip to the port city of Tassar. These waters are known to be frequented by pirates and slavers, so attacks on honest ships are very common.

As a result all the players have met each other and been on the same ship at sea for the few weeks. They have been hired to protect the ship, crew, and cargo. The contract ends after the captain has successfully sold his cargo in Tassar. At least a couple days after reaching port. During that time they will provided room and board nearby. Afterwards they will payed 100 gold plus bonuses based on how well they protected the ship, crew, and cargo.

Some of this is on my actual LJ page I started here then switched over since the people involved read the other site more nowadays.

here are some of the pictures over there:


Note:  as discussed much of the world is unexplored from the party perspective.

southern Islands

starting area

close up of last area

Those are the primary maps

here are some secondary ones:

The world colorized for reference

the ship

Wing ship of that Empire

guess thats a good start

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