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Here is some information about the Free port city of Tassar


Founded by the Ryn-Human d'Rinaldi Family from Western Imorren. Built the city on top of several ancient ruins, and quickly grew into a thriving free port city. Many factions leave the city alone as it is too valuable as a free port.

The city is a very cosmopolitan city filled with people from many different lands. People of like customs and culture often live in parishes within the city. Each parish has a distinct flavor and atmosphere.

d'Rinaldi family still holds great sway within the city, but 300 years ago Aurich d'Rinaldi appointed the largest guilds and the Mayor of the constabulary to oversee most of the city government. The primary guilds in the council are the Merchants, Iron-smith, Navigator, Shipwright, Mercenary, Miller, and Weaver guilds. The Guild Council has solid control over all the gates, guards, and docks. More of the city slips from the d'Rinaldi family every week as family infighting has kept them from being focused on any useful goal.

The city constabulary is very well funded by the Guild Council. They are all well payed; and supplied the best armor, and weapons. Guards also recieve a share of loot for valid arrests. The city has a High and Low court system. Nobles of 'blooded' families can only be tried by the high court. The High Court judges are appointed by the top six most powerful families of the city for a period of five years. The low court is presided by city magistrates for all other crimes by commoners.

Tassar South

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