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Example of Tara's conversation with the Duke

More about dryads? Sure! Back forever ago, or at least a few years, I came across this book that had a dryad in it. It wasn't really about dryads, it was about ships. Big flying ships that traveled through the stars just like I was telling you before how I did once, except people don't believe me about that either. But it wasn't just any ship the book was about, it was THE ship. The SpellJammer. That's its name. The SpellJammer is the biggest, most incredible ship anywhere, but lots of people, even out where they all fly around the stars, don't think it exists, but I'm going to find and visit it someday, and then I'll know it exists. There's lots of stories about the SpellJammer...

[Tara tells long, drawn out legends mostly out of the SpellJammer book that Paug read to her way back when, occasionally tossing in her own imagined additions... which aren't lies, really, since nobody knows exactly what the SpellJammer is like so pretty much anything could be true.]

...oh, the dryad? Yea, that was one of the things. See, the Spelljammer is huge! Planet huge! So it's got a whole deck--at least one--that's all forest. A whole forest within a ship, can you imagine? And in the very center of that forest, there's supposed to be a beautiful dryad who watches over the deck and makes certain all the trees are being taken care of just perfectly. She's supposed to be so pretty that just seeing her makes people fall in love with her, not just guys, but girls too! But maybe that's just rumor cause she's there in the forest all by herself, which is pretty lonely and sort of romantic if you think about someone someday finding her and then giving her a friend. Except she's not lonely even alone like that. I would be. I hate being alone. But the dryad, she talks to the trees, and each of them talks back to her, and only to her, so even if someone else knew how to talk to trees, the trees wouldn't talk to them because they wouldn't be the dryad. Maybe cause the trees are in love with her too. Do you think a tree could fall in love? I heard this song once about a tree that fell in love and...

[Tara goes off about love songs, occasionally breaking into song herself or asking any nearby musicians to please sing a love with a happy ending, cause she likes happy endings.]

...Arcadia? Yea, there was a dryad in Arcadia. At least one. I bet there were more. I heard about there being more, and a place like Arcadia would just have to have lots of dryads and all types of other creatures in it, don't you think? The dryad there was in the middle of a forest also. Do you think all dryads are in the middle of forests? That's what you should do if you're looking for dryads! Find the exact center of every forest you can think of, and look for a special tree... something bigger, or older, or prettier, or just separated out from the rest of the trees, cause dryad trees are special, you know. The one I saw was in a forest that was always summer... cause I was there before the cold started that I mentioned before. It was always summer and it was always perfectly sunny, bright weather, though in the forest all you saw of it were beams of golden sun shining down here and there among the branches.

You'd think that such good weather would be bad for the trees--and also boring, cause, really, a good storm can be so much more exciting than sun all the time. I was at a beach where not only it was always sunny, but always daytime as well, and that got boring really, really fast. Not that it wasn't a good place to rest, and I can think of lots of ways to have fun when I try, but I very glad I didn't have to stay there, cause I'd be bored sick in no time. When I was on Lady Ai's ship, there was lots of time to be bored, but I always thought of something to do anyway. Though sometimes the cat-people weren't that boring, like when they had the wake for their friend who died. Oh, but Lady Ai would be upset if she heard me say cat-people, cause they called themselves Therians. But they were cat people. Kinda like the Jurak ferals who have cat-features, only smaller and not as able to take care of themselves.

[Here Tara goes on about Therians for a time.]
Oh! The forest in Arcadia? That's right, it had beautiful weather, but even though that'd normally be bad for trees, cause of there not being enough rain, it was okay here. Because everywhere you turned or walked, there were all these teeny-tiny streams of water. Not a single one bigger than you could step over, but they were everywhere! Practically in between every tree. And when you followed them upstream to the very center of the forest, you found that they all came from the same pond. A biggish pond, really, but not nearly big enough to look like it could feed all those little streams. But it did. And right next to the pond was the biggest, most beautiful tree you've ever seen. The leaves were emerald green and on the underside where the veins ran through them, the leaves were silver. The dryad there was just as pretty. Long silver hair that touched her feet when she stood up. She wouldn't really talk to me, cause I was a "lesser". I don't think I'm lesser, but I'm not a noble or anything, so I guess others might think that. Would you think I'm a lesser, since you're a noble and I'm not? I think people are just people, even if they are commoners. But I'm not so insecure to care if someone thinks I'm a lesser. It's just annoying, but I couldn't be annoyed at her, really, cause she was so pretty. But since she didn't want company, I didn't want to be rude, so I waved goodbye and left.

It'd be awfully rude to keep talking to someone after they already indicated they don't want to talk to you, don't you think. I try not to be rude if I can help it. One time, I saw this guy being rude and...

[off on another tangent, about rude city people this time.]
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