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A recap? or something else....

A sailing vessel gently glided across the sky. High enough
so as to be safe from tall rocks, but not so high as to vanish into the clouds. The desert below turned into broken rocky hills. In the distance ahead the land began to change over into grassy hilly and trees. A small walled town can just barely be glimpsed from the side of the sky ship. The ship that continues the shapes of several beings seem to fall from the ship, and plummet towards the rocky plan below.

Some shepard claimed that he saw two winged humanoids amongst the shapes. One with wings of flame who was trying to chased after a falling humanoid with black wings. Near them a large brown creature also fell to the ground. As the sailing ship in the sky vanished into the distance.

At this point the beings fell behind a hill at full speed towards the ground. The shepard saw nothing else. He made a small prayer to the saints as there was nothing that could have saved them from a horrible fate.

Somewhere else....

A figure sat in the shadows looking out a window onto the stars above. Stars that have not been seen like this in the memory of any mortal. Even so it was not an unexpected sight.

A soft women's voice spoke in the darkness,

"Recurring Time.
A recurring world.

Struggling while fighting fate head on...
I will never forget these people who are cast into despair and tragedy time after time."

Turning she spoke to the deeper darkness.

"The same goes for you, doesn't it?


Searching for joyous conclusion in this newly born world,
and hoping that one day a world cast into happiness will be born...."

Standing. The figure of a young women was silhouetted against the starlight.

"Wether or not there will be the solace for shed tears and blood for these innocent people, I don't know myself.

Nevertheless, I want to protect these people who are so close to my heart."

With that she stepped across into the darkness.

"Although, in all honesty, I am slightly worn out," was heard in the shadows.

A room that seemed to be timeless. Walls of white and soft etched lines of marble spread across the room. A young man turned from a wide window looking out into grassy hills. A large ancient stone stood centered perfectly by the window. With a wiry smile on his finely etched face he stated, "Does not the Lia Fail look as majestic as always." As he glided across the room towards a high chair.

The young women who appeared frowned at him, as she also glided towards another high chair.

He continued, "I have been waiting for you for a very long time, milady. Even though in truth its seems but a moment ago."

Settling herself in the chair she brushed her long hair out of her face. Looking across the table at the noble Sidhe she stated simply, "I see our game has moved backwards somewhat. I will have you know my mind is still set, and the outcome will be the same." With that she reached out and picked up a game piece and made her first move. A move she had done many times before. A move that was not the first, and not long from the last."

He smiled towards her, "My dearest, Eryss. I wouldn't have it any other way."
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