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Resources for new players

Sir Richard and Prrrowl having recently left Neoport on the far Imperial frontier island of I-Praseru. A short days travel inland a small orderly made village on a well maintenanced road that circles the inner part of the island. These villages are locally refered to as 'the circle villages'. A young golden eyed woman who says she is the daughter of the village elder, and next in line to be the statue maiden plead with both of to help the village in its plight.

It seems a naga burst into the village just the previous day and made of with the villages greatest treasure. The ring of the Goddess that was gifted to them for safe keeping by The Priestess of Lea herself many generations ago. The ring gave its protection to the village, and all manner of beasts would never bother the faithful. Now this precious treasure has been stolen by an unnatural creature. The villagers will pay anything (outside the ring itself) they can manage in order to pay the brave souls who would help them.

With this they provide a simple map leading to a mostly hidden cave deep in the woods that leads to an ancient underground river. It is there where one of the young people of the village saw the naga escape to.

Sir Richard and Prrrowl travel through the woods which are known to house giant spiders and other beast until they find the cave in a small outcropping far from any trails. A steep and slippery hike down into the earth leads to a rushing underground river. Not far away, amazingly there is a very old wooden boat tied off. The wood of the nearly 20ft long boat has turned ashen gray with age, but still floats fine.

After some time Prrrowl finds traces of what is most likely the naga heading upstream into the darkness. The boat moves with ease against the current somehow as the pair travels through the cave network. After nearly an hour of travel the boat turns a sharp corner where a light shines brightly in the distance ahead. At the same a loud earthy voice echoes through the cave shouting, 'dibs!'.


Some pictures of the main island.

Island Corner:
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Close up of where on the island:
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thumbnail of the central section of a 'circle village'
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A picture of "The Priestess"
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Young golden eyed Villager who plead to have the ring returned to them:
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Basic image the large creature seen in the cave with Tara and the others. Just add extra arms :)
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No reason...
more animals
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