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Short Story

This is actually slightly outdated, but only by a few weeks >.>;;

A scene that happened in the background on the last major place the party was before they came back to the island

The marbled halls of Sanctus echoed with the sound of his claws as he walked to the meeting. Looking around Ru'ark stood out amongst the few robed figures around him with his towering height. Even after many years of service in the Empire it always amazed him how uncomfortable most people were in his presence.

As he walked he looked down to the small girl walking next to him carrying books needed for the meeting. Her long blonde hair caressed over her shoulders as she hugged the stack of books to her chest. He asked quietly, "Are you sure have all those? The chambers are still quite far. I'd be happy to carry some of those for you."

Glancing up with a worried look on her face, she said, "Oh no, Lord Ru'ark, I would never ask you to do such a thing. Besides, I'm fine. I carry this many books to her Ladyship all the time."

With a deep chuckle Ru'ark patted her slightly on the head with his large scaled hand saying, "You're a sweet girl, Hitomi. Very well then, but if you ever have more than you can handle let me know. I've known her ladyship for a long time, and I am sure she wouldn't mind me helping out."

She smiled up at him as they continued through the halls.

After a short trip they came to a large double set of doors with a large three-pointed star set in each. He gave a weak smile to Hitomi as he was never fond of court etiquette. The doorman opened the door to the large meeting chamber saying, "His Lordship Ru'ark, Elder Qu'shaan, defender of the Empire, and Chairman of the Imperial Arcane Academy has arrived." This was followed by the sound of many chairs sliding as people stood up for his entrance.

He walked into the room saying, "Good day, my fellow council members. Please do not stand on my account. We are all equal in this chamber, and I need no special treatment." Looking around he did notice one person not standing, but instead was she busy looking through her papers. He smiled to himself as he knew her Ladyship was not found of court etiquette either.

Hitomi slipped into the room behind him and made her way over to her Ladyship, Setting the pile of books on the table. After which she bowed and made her way to sit along the wall with several other servants in case she needed anything else.

He made his way to a high backed chair to the right of her Ladyship.

Turning his head towards her, he said, "Thank you, your Ladyship." Spreading his hands out towards the other men and women seated nearby, he continued, "Thank you, my fellow Lords and Ladies of the Nexus Empire High Council. As you all know, we at the Arcane Academy have been working to uncover the secrets of the darkfall that has befallen our sister contient across the Sea."

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a scroll covered in strange runes as he continued, "In the process we have discovered many things. To begin with, this darkfall was created due to the Mage School undergoing a series of experiments to tap into the raw magic beyond the Weave. For my less enlightened council members this is what we call the barrier between world and magic. It is true that magic is all around us and there for the use of any skilled being, but it is the Weave that keeps that magic from affecting the world on its own in normal cases. There are places where this Weave is stronger and weaker, which gives rise to areas strong or weak in their access to magic."

He looked around to see if the Council understood the concept, then said, "We believe that the mages of Regora using a kind of planar gate opened a hole through the Weave into the font of pure raw magic. This raw unfettered magic roared across the land in great darkness and reacted to the strongest emotions at the time. Fear and Distrust. It is our belief that this magic darkness gave birth to the things that can only be thought of in nightmares, and made them reality."

A soft mumble started spreading around the table as the council members began to whisper to one another.

Rolling the scroll on the table before him, he said, "This event though left a visible whole in the Weave itself, and for the first time our scholars have been able to examine the true nature of this force. It was always believed by some that the Weave was a balance placed by the ancient Goddess Asperios to keep magic in check. Few though practice that ancient religion and instead felt that it was part of the very nature of magic that kept its own force in check."

His finger began to trace the runes on the scroll and they slowly glowed on the table. He felt more eyes focus less on him and more on the scroll. He let the hint of a smile go, which mostly meant several large fangs began to show on his face.

"We at the Imperial Arcane Academy have come up with a new theory thanks to this darkfall," He stated. "After many years of research we believe we have finally cracked the mystery of the Weave."

The scroll on the table took on a glow as it began to form a glowing column of light in the room. Inside this column some wisps of blue energy could be seen moving around.

He stopped speaking for a moment to let the Council look at the column for a few moments. Then reach forward his hand into the column where an amount of blue glowing energy radiated around his hand. It was then he said, "This energy you see before you exists in every living creature. From the smallest insect to the greatest Dragon. This is not what is known as Magic. We call it Incarnum. In its purest form it seems to resemble a blue mist. Normally this material is tied up within our bodies or the Weave itself, but we feel that the Darkfall exploded large amounts of Incarnum into the world. The very fabric of the Weave. Until now it has been invisible except to the sense of a few very talented beings. In a way you could call it Soul Essence."

Pulling his hand back out of the column, he said, "It is believed my Incarnum is more visible from my many trips to the scar in the Weave in Regora. That the loose Incarnum that is left there is drawn to living creatures. We think that the raw magical energy that was let loose in darkfall in Regora naturally began to destroy living creatures in an effort to burn freely. Much like a natural fire consumes wood and plant matter to fuel itself. The magic fire of Regora instead burns living creatures to destroy any and all Incarnum, and thus keep the scar from closing completely. The Lords of Darkfall that have been born of this magic most likely are not aware of why the fire burns this way, but seem to understand that by doing so it fuels their own nightmarish designs."

Rolling the scroll back up, he said, "We have not yet fully been able to use this material yet, but we feel it will lead to some great things. The Academy would like permission to begin full studies into this new material. As you have seen in this scroll only through the use of Runic Magic have we been able to identify and begin to study Incarnum."

Many council members began heated discussion with one another as he stood there waiting to answer the many more questions that would be coming.

A few moments later, her Ladyship asked, "If this is a type of Soul Essence as you described, then would it not be possible to forcefully take someone's Incarnum from them by killing them?"

He had expected this question eventually, and was not surprised that her Ladyship was straight to the point. Nodding, he stated, "Yes, that is a possibility, and one that has not escaped some researchers. We feel that Incarnum, like Magic, is neither Good nor Evil, but dependant on the user's desire. It is also a strong theory that Incarnum can not actually be destroyed. Just as the Academy uses magic energy for the good of the Nexus Empire and some use it for their own selfish reasons. So, yes, Empress Elune. That is a possible source of this material, but it is one that the Academy is strongly against. In order to not weaken the Weave any more than it has been done in Regora and to prevent a similar fall of wild magic in our own Empire, the Imperial Arcane Academy will never study that aspect of this material."

He looked back towards the rest of the council members and said, "The course of research the Academy plans on taking is two fold. The first, to further utilize Runic Magic to enhance the interaction and study of Incarnum. In addition, we will begin testing of mainly young people to see if it will possible for a person to control their own latent essence."

"Also we have come to believe that for an as yet unknown reason that it is possible for Incarnum to gather in places and crystalize into a solid substance," he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cloth. Unwrapping the cloth, he held out to the council a very small glowing blue crystal. Smiling, he stated, "This is a very rare gemstone called 'Dragon's Tear'. Amongst mages who specialize in gem magic it is known as 'Void Stone'. As it appears to devoid of any natural magical properties to make it glow as it does. We have discovered that these stones are infact solid Incarnum."

Turning back towards her Ladyship, he said, "We feel that through the study of these stones we can come to unlock a power that can work side by side with magic to enhance our Empire's Power."

With that, he set the stone down in front of her. Reaching forward, Elune picked up the stone and looked at it carefully. After a moment, she asked, "So how do you, as a friend of the Empire, feel these 'Void' stones will help our Empire?"

Nodding, Ru'ark said, "In its raw state as the Weave it is proven that Incarnum can control the flow of magic in our world. It is easy to assume that it is as powerful, if not more powerful than magic itself. If this is the case we will easily have more power at our command then the Mechamages of Urbana or anyone else in this world. All the nations and kingdoms will bow to our peaceful Empire for the Law that we will spread as we remove the traces of the Darkfall from the land to bring the Greater Good."

Putting out her hand, Elune said, "Hitomi."

With that the young girl ran forward, saying, "Yes, my ladyship."

Putting the glowing blue stone in Hitomi's hands, she said, "I want you to go to Tara with Ru'ark, in my place. There you will search for more about this material for the good of all people."
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